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Award Members, this document has been prepared to aid your entry preparation. Please read it carefully. The AADC Executive thanks you for your continued support and wishes you best of luck in these awards.

Student entries are free and will be accepted until September 30th at

The entry period for the 42nd AADC Awards starts Thursday 15th August, 9AM ACST and closes Thursday 29th August, 5PM ACST

Late entries will be accepted until Monday 2nd September 5PM ACST with the catch of a $20 per entry late fee.

Entrants (“award recipient” in the submission data) must be AADC Award members to be eligible for awards. In all Craft categories, the entrant must be the craftsperson (i.e. Photographer, Cinematographer, etc.)

Entries are judged anonymously on the quality of the work against the submission criteria. The work is judged, not the entrant.

Please remove any information that explicitly identifies the entrant or agency from the material to be judged (eg. ID boards on vision content).

Overview videos must not run longer than 2 minutes in length and as they may be used as a part of the award presentation, audio and vision quality is important. These are part of the material to be judged and so cannot contain any entrant or agency names. 

All entries must have an accompanying PDF for inclusion in the exhibition. (Single page A3) This PDF can be portrait or landscape, and is to showcase the entry and entrants – this one isn’t judged, it can identify the entrant and/or agency.

Charity is now its own category, with a sub category for each field. Work entered in Charity cannot be submitted elsewhere. Charity work requires a description of the relationship between the client and the charity, and proof that the client actually paid for the job through a financial transaction (that it was not ‘in kind’).

If you are unsure if the client is classified as a charity, visit


How do I enter work?

You may enter work at by registering an account on the site. 


What work is eligible?

Work with a first air/publish/live date between 1st July 2018 and 30th June 2019

What are the categories?
The full list is available here: AADC-Awards-Category-Descriptions-2019.pdf 

Can I enter awards if I’m not an AADC member?

No. You must be a paid AADC member in order to enter Awards. You can become a member at


What are the prices?

Individual: 120.00

Campaign: 150.00

Student: Free (entrants to the Student category must be current AADC student members. (Student membership is also free of charge))


Can I enter a piece of work in multiple categories?

Yes. You can enter in any category that matches the description of your work.


Can a piece of work be entered multiple times in the same category?

Yes. For example a Cinematographer may enter a piece of work in Film Craft for cinematography, while a Director may enter the same piece of work in the same category for direction.

Both entries will be judged separately based on the submission.

All craft entries must be made by the craftsperson.



Publication of Entries

The AADC reserves the right to reproduce any or all of the material entered in the 42nd AADC Awards for publication in the awards exhibition, winners’ book, screening at the awards show and our website &c also to utilise the said material for post awards publicity and/or reproduction as required.


AADC Eligibility Statement

The AADC Awards were established to acknowledge and encourage excellence in the commercial application of creativity.

All work must have been engaged by a client (i.e. no self promotion), be original and must have been published, aired or released for the first time between 1 July, 2018 – 30 June 2019

All work must have been created for a genuine commercial outcome and released in a commercial environment. Entries must have been exposed to an audience.

Entries may be submitted by any industry professional, including students studying to enter the advertising and design industry, providing they are a financial Award or Student member of the AADC.

The entrant of any creative idea must be the originator of the concept. The entrant of any creative craft work must be the “craftsperson” who created the work.

Craft entrants please note: Entries must be made by the craftsperson. Should the entry receive a trophy, the entrant’s name will appear on that trophy. Should the entrant require multiple trophies individually inscribed with other names, they can be made available at the price of $150 each.

The jury may see fit to move the entry to another category if they deem it necessary.

The same piece of work may be entered multiple times into the same and/or different categories by the same and/or different entrants provided each entry has unique judging criteria.




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