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30 May

AGDA presents The Company You Keep

Sometimes the most interesting design opportunities are lying just under our nose. The trouble is we’re often too close to see them as the opportunities they are.AADC associate AGDA presents Rhys Gorgol of The Company You Keep.

Seeing the routine components of commercial design differently can open up entirely new ideas. A parallel world [...]

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2 Jun

AADC Pop-up Bar

Mystery locations and pop-bars. Look out London 2005, we’re catching up.Kick off winter right and join us for warming drinks, great food, and even better company.Stay tuned for updates, it’s going to be a good one!When
Friday 2 JuneVenue

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16 May

Celebrating Success

Advertising gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes, doesn’t it? When we pop up online unannounced, interrupt TV shows and get more air time on some radio channels than good music. So why do we do it? It’s not like we’re saving lives now – are we?It’s because behind the cynical grins of the ad-world, [...]

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4 May


Are your ads breaking the law? Are your designs infringing copyright? Are your productions risking a law suit?

Come along to this special AADC event where our lawyers, Kelly Hazell Quill will bust the myths and give you the legal facts on everything from misleading and deceptive advertising to the use of testimonials, intellectual [...]

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15 Mar

A letter from Co-President Anna Bardsley-Jones

It is with a heavy heart I write to you, an industry in mourning, to pay respects to the loss of a truly remarkable man. A husband, father, mentor, colleague, friend and our Co-President.
Geoff Robertson meant so much to so many different people because of who he was as an individual and as [...]

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15 Mar

40 and Still Rolling

The new year has well and truly arrived, and what better way to celebrate its start than with a few ends of lawn bowls.

While much has changed over the last 40 years, lawn bowls hasn’t. Maybe the only place in the world you can still buy a beer at 1977 prices, a bowls [...]

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