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Brand Nexus


Brand Nexus is focused on brand & marketing strategy - essentially it's a CMO/Marketing/Brand strategist for hire as required. If you don't have a marketing department - or not a full one - we fill in the gaps. That's because our CEO has been a CMO for 17 years. But before that he was an ad agency suit in Sydney for 16 years which means he can also pull a full advertising campaign together using best-in-breed freelancers (and if you're one of those, we'd love to hear from you too). We've also carved out a niche in content creation and distribution - particularly podcasting. Brand Nexus produces two fortnightly podcasts - "The Pub Test with Mark Bickley and Dan Demaria" and "The Work with Sputnik and Dan Demaria" - the latter being about advertising. We also produce podcasts for clients to tell their brand story using this long-form, intimate media. We also specialise in Customer Experience (CX) - ensuing the promise of marketing is kept by constantly checking in with customers, eliminating pain points and creating seamless and delightful customer experiences.

Brand Nexus is small and nimble and that's the way we like it. We believe that an organisation's consistent brand should be in the centre - at the nexus - of everything that organisation does - that is the best way to help tell a brand's story.