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The Audio Embassy

JP Studio Grab

Justin Pounsett is a highly respected music composer and sound engineer, renowned for his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to his musical craft. With over 15 years of audio post-production and music composition experience spanning all forms of modern media, Justin is considered one of the most versatile and thoughtful media composers in his field.

As the founder of The Audio Embassy, a premier music and sound studio located in Adelaide, Justin has produced original music for a wide range of projects, from advertising campaigns to documentaries, TV series, films and video games. His deep knowledge, exceptional skill, and passion for all musical genres have consistently enabled him to create music that resonates deeply with audiences and clients alike.

Justin is widely recognized for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to build strong, collaborative relationships with his clients. His work has garnered numerous awards throughout his career.

Beyond his work in the studio, Justin is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has for many years performed with both original and cover bands on the local Adelaide music scene - where he draws much of his rewarding musical collaborations from some of Adelaide's best musicians.