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15 Mar

2013 kwp! Lawn Bowls

Well, what can we say….The Annual kwp! Lawn Bowls Night again proved to be a night not to be missed. If you did, well there’s always next year!

A big Congratulations goes to the Winners, Team Kojo followed by The Runaways from Imagination. A balmy Autumn night brought out around 79 people to the event plus 1 Bride….which we are still trying to work out. We think she was in the running for best dressed or took a wrong turn off Kensington Road. Whatever the case, Best Dressed was awarded to the beautiful girls and guy from Red Bikini who looked stunning in their matching outfits, well done ladies and gent. 

The bowling itself was intense. Once again an incredibly high level of competition (within those who held their balls the right way around) and the competition within the teams was almost as fierce as the hotplate which BBQ Masters Chris Charlton and Jay Wheeler once again flipped patties for the masses. The rest my friends, we can’t tell you. You’ll just have to look at the photos and get on down to the next event! Oh and don’t forget membership renewals deadline March 31st 2013.
Enjoy the wonderful snaps courtesy of Benjamin Liew Photography.




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