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Voice Design

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A word about design.

Poor design can break a product. As tempting as it may be to pay peanuts, don’t. (You will get monkeys, every time).

Good design won’t break a product, but it won’t make a product, either. It’ll tick the boxes, keep your brand tidy, might look kind of sharp, perform the perfunctory elements. There are plenty of good designers around, and plenty of people use them.

Great design can make a product.

What we mean by this is that great design has the power to influence. Think about that rough wine with a terrific label that people keep on buying. Why? Because great design can charge emotion. It seduces. It commands trust and incites a loyal stream of followers.

Great design is marvelled over, and admired as an art or even a vision for social change in its own right. It’s talked about, shared, appreciated.

There are very few that truly bring influential design thinking to the table. These designers are a rare breed; aspiring to create changed behaviours and new market categories, rather than marching to the same beat as the masses.

A great designer can show you all the spectacular ways your business can speak to its audience, and expand your product’s potential into another stratosphere.