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Voice Design awarded Merit for Rita Siow Trophy at AGDA Awards

16 November 2021

Voice Design has been awarded a 'Merit' for their incredible work designing the trophy for the Rita Siow Award, first awarded to the 2021 AADC Awards to Parallax for their work on Gemtree Wines.

I thought this was a striking, beautiful piece that reflects a deep level of thought and skill. It’s a unique, artistic object that communicates a sense of love and adoration for Rita Siow. The contrasting texture and metallic sheen on the base are eclectic and playful. I love the smooth nickel-plated bronze top and the sense of movement within that invites reflection and contemplation. I wonder how the bumps and dents of the glaze feel and how much the award weighs. I wonder what names will grace its surface in the future. What a wonderful way to remember and to welcome.

Mimi Leung, Juror