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A message from the AADC President, James Rickard.

19 June 2017

Recently, the AADC dissolved its Executive and Subcommittees, accepted nominations and elected new representatives.

As a result, I was elected Co-President of the Club.

My first, albeit belated, task is to formally thank my predecessor, Anna Bardsley-Jones. Anna did a remarkable job in exceptionally difficult circumstances due to the death of her Co-President, mentor and friend, Geoff Robertson.

Anna’s commitment to the club and our industry was, and is, unshakeable and her contribution immense.

Anna, on behalf of your fellow Executive members, club members, sponsors and myself, our sincerest thanks.

The incoming Executive and I have been reviewing the role of the Club. There are several changes proposed and many already actioned.

We intend changing the Club’s focus, broadening its reach and growing its relevance and value to the business community. There will be changes to the annual awards, education and more.

But before we implement any of these changes, we need to ask the question:


The Executive Committee has a clearly defined vision for the Club, but recognises it exists to serve the industry and therefore the industry should have the opportunity to help define its role.

The following pages outline the role we envisage for the Club and details some of the initiatives we propose.

Please take the time to read this brief document and complete the survey.

Survey responses are now closed.