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The AADC announces extra sessions, featuring Never Not Creative & Design Business Council for students and business-owners alike.

16 October 2023

Happy, healthy creative businesses are an ecosystem.

They’re founded on sustainable principles, headed by creative leaders and supported by valued, cohesive teams.

And they’re holistic.

It’s not enough to excel in any one part of the system — happy, healthy creative businesses are a sum of the whole.

This workshop introduces a tool to help creatives build a happier, healthier creative business.

Introducing the Happier, Healthier Creative Business Canvas

The Happier, Healthier Creative Business canvas is a holistic tool designed to identify, analyse and benchmark 25 different principles of a creative business.

Personal principles like risk profile, clarity of vision and capacity to manage.
Business principles like costing and pricing, new business strategies and viability.
And people principles like resourcing, upskilling and understanding triggers that impact well-being.

The developers

The canvas was developed by Carol Mackay and Greg Branson of the Design Business Council, and Andy Wright, CEO of Streamtime.

This is a unique package. A combination of DBC’s business experience, ongoing research and knowledge from working with and mentoring Australian creative businesses; Streamtime’s data and metrics; and Andy’s understanding and passion for improving the mental health of creatives

The Happier, Healthier Creative Business canvas combines the research of academia with the practicalities of the Australian design industry.

The canvas workshop

This is a 2-hour workshop to demonstrate how to use the Happier, Healthier Creative Business canvas to align, analyse, implement, execute and prove strategies to improve outcomes, not just for your business bottom line but personally and for your team.

We’ll outline the contents of the canvas, then deep dive into 5 of the principles, to start the process. Each participant will takeaway a copy of the canvas, and accompanying notes.

The venue

We’ve chosen a central Adelaide CBD boardroom venue, but please note: numbers are strictly limited. We’ve 25 seats available. You can come alone or with your partner or a team member to share the learning.

Cost: $500 per seat.

Note: it is not necessary to be a Streamtime subscriber to get value from this workshop.

Never Not Creative is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making the creative industry a better, more inclusive, and healthier place to work.

One of Never Not Creative's key focus's this year is to give emerging talent the best possible start in the design industry by connecting talented students with studio owners and leaders.

Introducing... Just Rewards, a series of presentations for creative interns, graduates, practicing designers and studio owners and leaders around Australia.

The Adelaide event will kick off with a fireside chat between Andy Wright, Founder of Never Not Creative and CEO of Streamtime, and Shane Keane, Co-Founder and Creative Director or Studio Landmark.

They'll chat about the delicate balance of running an agency, maintaining a mentally healthy and financially happy workplace and their experience with hosting an intern. Joining Shane and Andy will be Jayde Carnegie who successfully converted her internship into a Junior Designer Role at Landmark.

The second part of the event will be a conversation between graduates and designers around why offering (or agreeing) to work for free isn’t the best way to launch your career, how to get the most out of internships or even your first role and a Q&A.

There will also be an opportunity to network during the event. Tickets are free, though spots are limited. Get in quick.

The Details

Thursday, November 1
The Jade, Flinders Street