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Celebrating Success

16 May 2017

Advertising gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes, doesn’t it? When we pop up online unannounced, interrupt TV shows and get more air time on some radio channels than good music. So why do we do it? It’s not like we’re saving lives now – are we?

It’s because behind the cynical grins of the ad-world, we believe in the power of ideas. We hold an enormous position of influence, and with that comes responsibility. A responsibility to produce ideas; clever and nuanced ideas that help grow business, communicate change, and make a positive impact in the world.

We couldn’t do this without our clients. When they believe in what they do, trust that we can help, and when we provide a great idea, that’s when great advertising happens. And it’s one of these great clients we’d like to celebrate.

Many of us have worked with the Motor Accident Commission over the years, and if you haven’t, you’ve seen the work. In 2017 MAC celebrates 10 years of effective, creative advertising and they want us to share in their success.

Since 2007 it’s been MAC’s aim to deliver road safety campaigns that help save lives, and they’ve done just that. We’re so proud of the many ways they’ve influenced South Australian lives for the better, and we look forward to seeing what’s still to come.

But we also want to say thanks to them for backing us – championing ideas that are disruptive, thought provoking and sometimes controversial. Technology has given clients the freedom and ability to work with interstate suppliers with ease. We acknowledge that MAC remain strong advocates of our industry here in South Australia.

We congratulate them on their achievements and thank them for their support and trust. We thank them for looking after South Australians, and for reminding us that the work we do is important. Maybe we’re saving lives after all.