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Mattrixx Audio combines curiosity with a storied sound career

2 December 2022

Matt McKenzie-Smith brings an impossible-to-match mixed bag of experiences to bear at his audio production facility in Keswick.

Working under the name Mattrixx, the long-time audiophile produces audio and music for all mediums. But before he was ensconced in this little corner in Adelaide, he was chalking up a series of diverse and highly practical sound skills while doing everything from studying audio at SAE, to working for local production companies, to touring with The Angels and Boom Crash Opera.

“I ended up touring with a couple of reasonably well-known Aussie bands, and then after touring for a few years all over the place, I wanted to play more music, so I basically quit the touring thing,” he says. “And I managed to get a couple of little jobs back in Adelaide.”

After working for a variety of other audio businesses while simultaneously playing in bands, Matt eventually went out on his own to form Mattrixx.

He’s now spent more than three decades immersed in sound, but is as intrigued by the work as he was more than 30 years ago when he started out.

“Over the last few years, as the whole medium of sound and what its purpose is has changed, we've all had to adapt,” he says.

“And now from a sound aspect, Dolby Atmos is becoming a more prevalent thing… it’s 11 speakers and they're all going to be perfectly time-lined, and that very format can fold down into your headphones as what's known as a binaural fold down.

“And people are discovering new ways to use it, so I see that as being something that'll potentially come to advertising in some way, shape, or form.”

Matt brings together this endless curiosity for expanding the horizons of sound with a genuine affinity for the pace of advertising, and the sensibility of someone who looks at sound through many different lenses.

Only recently, he’s worked on a pilot for a TV series out of Sydney, been writing his own music, produced for bands, and directed voice talent for campaigns, among many other types of work.

“That's the thing – nothing is ever the same in advertising,” he says. “Every agency has a different method of working… and I really do enjoy the fast turnover stuff with advertising.”

He’s also a long-time sponsor of the AADC. After initially supporting the organisation as an on-again, off-again committee member over several years, he has switched to giving as a sponsor for about the last five years.

It’s just one way he supports the industry that has, for more than thirty years, allowed him to do what he loves.

“The day I went into the head office at school and said, ‘I'm leaving’ [to pursue music] … I just remember having this feeling of, ‘what have I done?’.

“But that's been the best thing I ever did.”