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Post AGM Update

15 March 2019

In many ways, the Club has rarely been in a better position.

Membership is up 40%.
Sponsorship is up 30%.
A 50% increase on funds in reserve.
There are some fantastic educational events and other exciting initiatives on the horizon.
There is a clear vision.
We just need committed, energetic and talented people to help bring it to life.

As expected, people have recently put up their hands to help. Many are industry stalwarts. Past presidents and people who have served on committees with distinction on numerous occasions. Icons of the industry who built the Club.

The reality is though, we don’t want their help. They have already given more than enough. It’s not that we don’t value their ability and what they would contribute, but we want and need a Club represented and led by current members of the industry and those who will be its future.

We are delighted to say we have heard from some of those people and we will have a fully functioning Executive Committee with some fresher, younger voices and ideas to compliment the experienced ones. We look forward to providing members with more details on this in coming days.

The Club has a proud history, rock-solid foundations and a bright future.
How good the Club is, will be directly proportional to the quality of the people who run it and their level of input.
There are still vacancies on our sub-committees, so if you want to help, please contact the Club.

Today, many people look backwards with rose coloured glasses and talk with great fondness for the halcyon days. While there is great truth in that, this Club is looking forward, determined to create a period the current generation can look back on and say to the up-and-comers, “Wow, you should have been around in the twenty-twenties.”

James Rickard
AADC President.