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Vale Jason Morton

12 February 2018

Thank you Jason, and Farewell

It is with great sadness that we share news our dear friend, Jason Morton’s passing. Jason was a valuable part of our community and a huge contributor to the club for many years.

There is no one like Jason. He was the type of person who always made you feel included. If you were that person standing awkwardly at the bar at club events or team-less on pool night – Jason was the one who came up to say hello. No one ever felt alone or left out when Jason was around – he was the one who made you feel a part of it all.

Jason was the one we could always rely on. He always offered to lend a hand – he was the type of guy who would be the first one there at club functions to set up – and the last one to leave after helping pack everything down. His energy and enthusiasm was infectious. What he did – he did for the love of it – like so many volunteers he was rarely thanked and commended for the work he did for the betterment of our industry. We will take this opportunity now Jason – thank you.

Above all it is Jason’s big heart that we will miss most. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this time. Jason – thank you for your mate-ship – and the imprints you have left on our community. You will be so missed.