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New award category: For Good

25 July 2022

Some of the best advertising in the world is executed for good causes rather than hefty profits. Ralph the Rabbit left the Internet "sobbing" and Kleenexed up at Cannes Lions this year for The Humane Society. The AADC has its own proud history of producing incredible creative for excellent causes. Only recently we were chatting with David Minear (former CD of Young & Rubicam in Adelaide) about the great work that comes out of worthy causes. Who could forget Y&R's work for the Adelaide Zoo: Give & Take Away The Bars and the work they did for KESAB that cleaned up at AADC Awards in '89 – Litter can be lethal.

Now the AADC is expanding the category to be more inclusive of the work that members of this club do out of their own good hearts. This includes work that's done pro bono, or contra, or even self-initiated! This new category is all about recognising the good that great creative can achieve in society.

For Good

An advertising or design piece that promotes, presents, enhances, or supports an initiative that provides a benefit to the greater good. Projects can be done pro bono, or fee for service, or even self initiated. The assessment will be on the intent of the project and the outcome as it relates to that intent. The project can be in the form of campaigns, posters, advertising, video, corporate identity, packaging etc. Any medium that fits within the usual parameters of advertising or design.

There are five categories in which you may enter your work. Please choose the one most appropriate to you:

  1. Social Awareness (D.01)
  2. Health & Wellbeing (D.02)
  3. Environmental Issue (D.03)
  4. Diversity & Inclusion (D.04)
  5. Miscellaneous (D.05)

Details taken from the PDF (which you can and should download here if you haven't already).