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SATC Decision a disgrace

26 May 2018

The decision by the state government to award the multimillion dollar advertising account for the South Australian Tourism Commission to an interstate company is an absolute disgrace.

More alarmingly, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In its entirety, the SA government is the largest advertising client in the state. If taxpayers’ money continues to be sent east, it will adversely impact hundreds, if not thousands of livelihoods and supercharge the brain-drain.

A yet to be named Melbourne agency was handed the jewel in the crown of South Australian government advertising accounts.

You might remember how a local Adelaide advertising agency had the eyes of the world turned toward South Australia with globally lauded campaigns like Barossa. Be consumed. In their infinite wisdom, it appears the SATC has concluded only an interstate agency is now capable of such a feat. This of course, is utter nonsense. There are several highly capable, local companies that could have, and should have, been considered for such a lucrative account.

It will be argued the successful agency will now open a local office, but renting office space and dropping a couple of people in it is little more than smoke than mirrors. The reality is, all the strategic and creative work will be done interstate and that’s where the profits will go. Local companies have been invited to tender for the ‘scraps from the Melbourne table’, under the direction of the interstate agency.

Aside from the advertising agency personnel directly affected, the domino effect will be felt by many in the creative services industry the AADC represents. Graphic designers, artists, photographers, videographers, editors, audio engineers, film crews, producers and actors are an example of just how many local jobs will be under threat, while Melbourne bank accounts are swollen by the tax dollars collected from these threatened workers, and every South Australian.

Adding insult to injury, if losing the revenue and creative opportunity isn’t enough, we’ve now become the laughing stock of the Australian advertising industry.

The AADC, on behalf of its members, sponsors and the broader creative community it represents, will continue to fight this injustice and lobby for measures to be put in place to protect local jobs and stem the brain-drain.

You can help, by sharing this release with colleagues and friends, by writing in protest to your local MP and encouraging your colleagues to do the same.

And, if like us, you believe we need to grow and develop our industries instead of decimating them, become a member, committee member or sponsor to help your Club help you. The bigger our membership base, the louder our voice.

Yours Sincerely,

Your club. Your voice.