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AADC Update July 2020

6 July 2020

At the recent AGM, members voted unanimously to adopt a revised Constitution.

The new Constitution adheres to the principles of the Club and brings its operations into the 21st century, enabling current and future Committees to more efficiently run the AADC.

A brief snapshot of the Club’s current position and activities for the year:

  • The Club is financially very sound and well managed with in excess of $30,000 cash on hand
  • Membership has grown to over 350
  • Nearly $30,000 from our generous and much needed sponsors enabled the Club to invest in a number of events and activities for the benefit of members in 2019 and early 2020, including:
    • 42nd Annual Awards Gala Dinner
    • She Creates inaugural event
    • Make My Logo Louder presentation and workshop by Ralph van Dijk
    • AADC-AME Bowls Night
    • AdMental in conjunction with the Don Dunstan Foundation
    • Pause Fest Downloads 1 and 2
    • Pool Night
    • Business SA membership.

More events were and are planned for 2020, but social distancing restrictions have put such activities on ice for the time being.

Two of the biggest issue facing the Club were age and gender imbalance. While there is a way to go, two significant steps have been taken to redress these issues.

Jamie Scott, Tom Ootes, Ella Wood, Scott Illingworth and the Education Subcommittee has done a fantastic job in re-establishing and strengthening the Club’s relationship with the tertiary institutions of Adelaide.

As a result, we now have unprecedented numbers of student members and representatives for TAFE and the universities of Adelaide, Flinders, SA and Torrens, all keen to foster deeper ties and curate meaningful and mutually rewarding activities.

Tracy Davidson, Amy Lambert, Taylor Martin, Ella Wood, Jessica Bradley and the entire She Creates Subcommittee worked tirelessly to pull together the first of many events.

200 hundred women and men attended the inaugural lunchtime event at the National Wine Centre to socialise, network, collaborate, mentor, inspire and address key issues facing women in in the industry today.

The 43rd Annual Awards Gala Dinner is pencilled in for mid-November. The award categories have been refined and updated, and Entry Kits should be available soon.

Movie nights featuring films such as Exit Through The Gift Shop, Art & Copy and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold are on the drawing board awaiting the removal of restrictions.

The AADC Pool Night is being retired and will be replaced.

Events featuring guest speakers such as Mortal Kombat’s Simon McQuoid are also on the cards as are a number of She Creates events.

The new AADC Committee will meet soon and announcements of new appointments and Co-Presidents will follow shortly.

Overall, the Club is in excellent shape and poised to bring a raft of inspiring, educational and entertaining events to you soon.

Sincerely Yours,

James Rickard
AADC President