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AGDA’s Shot Down: Designs that never saw the light of day.

5 July 2015

What: Shot Down
When: Tuesday 21 July, 6pm for 6.30pm
Where: Pirie & Co Social Club, 121 Pirie Street, Adelaide
Cost: $55, AADC members attend at AGDA Member prices.

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We all have them, ideas that you slave over for days (or more likely weeks), only to have the concept shot down by the client.

AGDA SA’s inaugural Shot Down presents Nic Eldridge (Sector 7G), Kellie Campbell-Illingworth (Parallax) and Kelly Burton ( who will each take us on a journey of projects unseen, unheard, unrealised and under appreciated.

Find out why the work was shot down. Was the designer right? Or did the client have a point? And most importantly, what lessons were learnt along the way.

AADC members can purchase tickets at AGDA prices. For more information visit: