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Profiling Carolyn Eggart – Advertising Guru to Volunteer Award Winner

12 September 2014

Carolyn Eggart is a local Adelaide woman who is making a difference.

Carolyn has been a major part of the advertising and marketing industry for the past 7 years working with companies such as; Publicis, Clemenger BBDO and BankSA. After making her mark on the industry, Carolyn decided that there was more to life. She quit her job, and headed to Ghana to volunteer.

She headed to Blessed Bright Future Orphanage in Ghana, in order to help improve the wellbeing of the children. Carolyn believed that she would spend a few months at the orphanage, but a few hrs into her visit, she released this is what she needed to do. She noticed the kids had no running water, the house was in ruins and there were no shower or toilet facilities. This took her breath away and became her ‘life changing moment’.

Amongst the volunteering at the Orphanage, she managed to raise $6000 in six weeks in order to purchase a van that transports the kids to and from school. Saving them a 3km walk each morning and afternoon.

Not only have these kids been denied the basic rights of sanitation, but also have had no ‘mama’ since the passing of their last, mama Peace. The duty of the mama is to ensure that the house is running; they cook, they clean and provide structure for these children. Carolyn knew this was a step that needed to be taken before she left and hired a new mama.

Upon her return to Adelaide, Carolyn put on the steel cap boots, worked 2 casual jobs and focused on the Orphanage. She developed 5 short term goals in which she will put into place when she returns in September 2014.

  • Land: This is to purchase 10 acres of land. The plan is to be able to make the house more sustainable by growing fresh produce for consumption and also selling, to bring in extra cash flow.
  • Water supply for farmland: A water pump will need to be constructed in order to maintain these crops over the dry season
  • Employing two extra ‘mamas’: There is no way one mama can handle everything that 50+ require so this money would be used to hire and pay two extra mamas for at least a year.
  • Employ a Fundraiser/Administrator: This is to get someone out into the community to raise awareness and collect donations. Her plan is to raise enough to cover one year’s wage.
  • Outstanding bills: There are still everyday costs that need to be paid. These include; utility bills, and school fees.

Carolyn determined that these would require $30 000 to achieve. She has called upon the wider community to help her reach these goals. To Donate to Carolyn’s Mission, please head to:

Understandably, from reading the information above, Carolyn was nominated and came 2nd in the 2014 International Volunteer HQ Awards. She was only a mere 37 votes off winning the top prize, but will use her $3000 prize money towards her short term goals, along with increasing the health and education of these children through workshops.

Carolyn’s long term goal is to honour Mama Peace’s dream of building a new house for these 50+ children. This home will cost around $300 000. Any excess money raised from the short term goals will go straight towards her long term goal to create a better environment and way of life for these children.

To find out more; Please head to the Blessed Bright Future Project Facebook Page