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She Creates announces major event pairing exploration of a hot-button industry issue with good food and good times

10 March 2023

Originally launched late in 2019, She Creates has – for most of its life – been finding ways to fulfil its purpose around ever-evolving COVID-19 safeguards. Regular events like the Netwalk series have brought women from Adelaide’s creative community together and fostered new and deeper connections, even as the pandemic affected daily life.

Later this month, She Creates will enthusiastically re-introduce a major and more formal occasion to its calendar with ‘The Value Shift’ – a sit down dinner incorporating a deep dive exploration of value in the creative industries.

“We learned a lot about the importance of having different events that are intimate,” says She Creates Co-Chair Dena Vassallo, who heads up the organisation in partnership with Amy Lambert.

“People enjoy the netwalking as there are strong connections made – people have found jobs… and there’s really interesting conversations about issues like mental health that came out of those events, which we want to return to.

“The Value Shift will be the first time in years that She Creates has a large format event and our first dinner. We’re really excited to get the whole community back together… now is really the time.”

Taking place on the evening of March 30, The Value Shift will include a gin bar, opportunities to connect with others in the industry, and a program of speakers examining multi-layered ideas about value alongside the dinner.

Dena says the She Creates committee decided on the theme after discussing the ways in which it is both timely and fundamental.

“At the end of the day, as people serving the creative community,” she says, “if we don’t understand the values we want to shine and the value we want people to get from our work, what are we doing?

“And I think it’s something to really reflect on this year. With a recession looming, its topical and you would be remiss not to be thinking about what value means for yourself, for teams and for clients.”

The speakers for the event have been intentionally chosen to examine concepts of value from multiple angles.

The line-up includes Managing Director of Carat, Vikki Friscic – who is set to take on the MD role at Channel 7 in April; Director of Marketing Operations at the University of Adelaide, Bev Bury; and Tracy Davidson – the Recruitment Manager for Rising Sun Pictures.

Collectively, their experiences cover a wide gamut – from working on both client and agency sides of the industry, to leading teams, understanding what employees are looking for in workplaces, and optimising value at every stage of ideation, production and distribution.

“We wanted different perspectives, different years in the industry, people in different parts of the industry who look at it with different lenses,” says Dena,

“The concept of value is so dynamic and agile… and there’s so many different dimensions we can tease out into a really good conversation.”

Hosted at new warehouse venue Jackson Square, The Value Shift is set to pair thoughtful discussion with a celebratory atmosphere.

It’s a fitting way, Dena says, to welcome the entire She Creates community back together.

“It’s going to be bubbly and energetic,” she says. “Good food, good times, good vibes all round. Especially because it has been years, it’s almost like the sun is rising again on She Creates and you have to come along for that journey.”

Tickets are available now for The Value Shift.

Learn more here.