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Tim Piper explains the secrets of ‘Branded Entertainment’

14 April 2015

The Communications Council invites AADC members for an advertising journey from Adelaide – Toronto – New York.

When: 5.30pm, Thursday 16 April 2015
Where: KWP! 6 Solomon St, Adelaide

Collecting a multitude of awards along the way (including two Canne Grand Prix), a listing by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people on the planet and currently company principal creating ‘branded entertainment’, Tim Piper will be visiting his home town next week and will share his journey with a Q&A session – and explain what ‘branded entertainment’ actually is!

Following will be a meeting for Communications Council members and those interested in membership.

Complimentary to members of The Communications Council.
$15 for non-members.

To register/book, please click here.