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Vale Street

20 September 2016

The AADC wish to pay respects to a legend of the Adelaide Advertising Industry, the first recipient of the Presidents award in 1978.

Today, memories came flooding back as I recorded a voiceover for one of our projects. As I stood behind the microphone I was reminded of the man who gave me my very first voice job. Street Remley.

Allyn Streeter Remley passed away today with his loving daughter, Erin at his bedside. I don’t know the details but I’m sure he’ll be headed for a pink Cadillac in heaven. It was an old joke that copywriters get their pick of pink Cadillacs.

The way Street told it, when a man with flowing white robes sped past as the latest copywriter to arrive at the Pearly Gates asked St Peter who that was, his answer was “God”. “But I thought you said only copywriters got pink Cadillacs?” said the latest to arrive. And the answer came back, “Doesn’t everyone believe they can write copy?”

Street, you have given your whole being to a craft that no-one will ever surpass. Your incisive wit, your playful and vicious honesty, your genius at cutting the perfect breath of the most compelling phrase, made us laugh, made the world better and made humanity richer. You have always been better than you ever thought you were- A giant of Radio advertising.

I don’t know why I was in your old studio today of all days, but I certainly know I was. I have the ‘Camel’ smell of the studio on me now – I told stories of the memories I had and without even knowing that your last breath would be cut today. In your own words, Street, “Thank you Doctor”.

Words by long time friend, Jim Robinson.