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From eager student, to AADC Club Secretary with a full-time job at Showpony.

8 February 2022

Ella Wood first discovered the AADC through a family friend who was involved in the industry and recommended joining the Club as a way to make connections.

She signed up to the mailing list and soon responded to a call-out looking for new hands to join the committee. Ella found herself on the Education sub-committee, working directly with Jamie Scott — who at the time was Chair of Education and Managing Director of Showpony Adelaide.

Together they worked to forge new relationships between the Club and Adelaide's tertiary education institutions, with the ultimate goal of helping students bridge the gap between study and employment.

Hear Ella share her experience with the AADC, and how signing up to the Club's mailing list led to her full-time employment in a role she never knew existed.