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Haigh’s Chocolates is the 107-year-old business that keeps evolving

20 June 2022

How does a 107-year-old family brand continue to evolve their offerings while staying true to their brand identity? By eliciting the help of market research to build on their customer identity.

With the first store opened at Adelaide’s Beehive Corner in 1915, Haigh’s Chocolates is a family brand seeped in tradition. The role of Fiona Krawczyk, Marketing Manager at Haigh’s is to keep the brand grounded in the past, but always moving towards the future.

And one way they have achieved that is by working with Square Holes since 2015 to build a profile that reflects the buyer of today.

“Initially it (the research) was based on measuring brand health, I wanted the ability to check in on our brand health at least once a year. That allows us to not only look at our brand awareness, but also the general health of the brand and how the online part of the business is travelling. And then a part of this evolved into developing a company-wide KPI,” says Krawczyk.

In 2019 Haigh’s commissioned Square Holes to conduct a deep dive exploratory study into chocolate consumers and Haigh’s customers. Fiona revealed that through this in-depth study, the brand was able to redefine the persona of their ideal customer.

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